Ayurvedic Treatment of Sports Injuries

Ayurveda as a sports medicine is a relatively new concept – although ancient India relied upon this system to treat and maintain the well being of its warrior folk – and it focuses on health aspects of sports persons, such as, their stamina, flexibility and endurance. It is not only curative and rehabilitative, but also preventive.

Prakritisthaapana: To regain physical fitness of a sports person and send him back to the field as early as possible by protection, rest, medication and physiotherapy.

Internal Medication: The chief aim is To boost up tissue healing, To alleviate pain, In order to strengthen the injured part.

External Therapies: The chief aim is To alleviate pain Strengthens joints

To improve function

Lepana / Aalepa / Upanaha: The chief aim is To alleviate pain To promote tissue healing

Kati vasti: It is very effective in low back pain, muscular pain and fatigue syndrome.

Bandhana: Bandage with or without oil massage. 15 types of VranaBandhana are described in Ayurveda.

Anushastra Karma: These include Para Surgical Procedures including agnikarma (direct heat application) and Raktamokshana: (Blood Letting Therapy). Both reduce inflammation, alleviate pain and promote healing.